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Practice good horsemanship from the inside.


After much research and consideration we have found two feed bases, that are non GMO certified: Wild Fed Horse and Daily Dose Equine Horse Feed.

Please take a look at ingredients and start making the healthy change for your horses.



These bases are excellent choices to top dress with VitaRoyal supplements and top dresses!


Please do call Linda with your comments and questions.  215-260-1962 or email


Don’t forget to call or text us before you come to the farm for your feed!

We accept Venmo, Paypal, checks and cash.


This line of feed was introduced to me by my veterinarian. Both of my horses were suffering from internal hind gut leakage despite my best efforts to supplement them with colic care products and low starch feeds.


After two courses of Nutrient Buffer H/G (hind gut) along with the liquid Nutrient Buffer for their fore gut I found my horses still needed something. But each one was different.


Hana, 9 yr old mare, was still not as attentive as she could be and was not retaining our lessons over time. After a course of XenoDetox she is now a new horse. It did take a few weeks to start to see the changes but even after the course of the supplement was completed she continued to make positive strides.


Ty, my gelding is 16 and is suffering from fusing hocks. He had mild inflammation which kept him on again and off again over a few months. He is now able to work and play on a consistent basis. Along with the body work, Masterson Method, and consistent warm ups he is now ready to go.


Irv, 7 yr old Lusitano, new to my herd. A beautiful boy doing well, came to me never eating grass and well I have grass pastures. The transition took a month but with the Untie product assisting in helping him manage the sugars was pretty easy.


When many horses have inflammation of the hooves my horses receive Untie in the Spring thru the Summer to combat sugars and don’t develop inflammation of the hooves. In the winter my horses are on the Nutrient Buffer Hind Gut to make sure their hind guts stay healthy and repair any damage from outside stresses that might have happened thru the rest of the year. This also prepares them for the spring worming. We use the supplements in a rotational basis so we can see if there are improvements or changes that we didn’t notice day to day.

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